Introducing the
March for American Entities

March for America, or MFA for short, began with a single public march, and in a little over one year, has burgeoned into eleven different
entities under four corporate organizations, all aiming to fill their own unique niche in the MFA mission.

The March for America Mission



We want to inspire you – and your fellow Americans – to seek the knowledge and information necessary for you to join us.Together we can make a difference and challenge the status quo.


Whether the information is good or bad, honesty and truth are the armor of liberty.
At MFA, we provide you with the education, insight, and cold hard facts you need to make wise decisions in and with your life.
These decisions help secure the future stability & safety of you, your family, and others you care for in your life.
Then, and only then, will you be prepared to act from a place of wisdom AND lead others.


Such momentum requires passion and inspiration, as well as the right and necessary information as motivation.
At March for America, we inspire, inform, and provide the vehicle for you to take move forward with wisdom and targeted focus.
We also support you as you spread the word, and your knowledge, to the world.

We Seek To


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We Strive To


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We Hope To


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Why MFA?

Have you ever wondered, “What will happen to my family if…?” Have you watched the news and felt discouraged? Do you pray for the safety of your children, especially after seeing horrible stories about shootings and other attacks in schools? Do you ever wonder why weather systems seem to be getting worse and worse? Have you made an “emergency plan” just in case? Have you ever felt, deep down inside, that you were being lied to by the media, the government, healthcare professionals, and the like?

MFA might be for YOU! The people at MFA are unbiased. We are neither Democrat nor Republican. We believe that these different parties were put in place to divide our people, and our nation. MFA’s goal is to unite people, from all around the globe. We stand for the TRUTH, which is mostly somewhere in the middle. We believe that people should help themselves and others; that we can survive any catastrophe that may come by being prepared and willing to be like-minded and ready to act when the need arises.

MFA is the first organization of its kind, which stands for truth above all. We have faith-based standards and ideals, and we are eager to help those in need. We want you to be prepared for your future, teaching you how to survive and thrive in a fallen world… and a world yet to come. We report facts, not conspiracy theories, and we teach you how to discern the truth from fiction.

MFA is launching a Survival Group, a Vetted Private Social Media Platform, Atlas Survival Cities – which are going to be able to sustain life underground for at least a year, a News Network and TV Network – bringing TRUE news from all around the globe, and much more. Since starting this organization, we have found thousands of like-minded people who are looking for a place to turn, on which they can count as forthright and honest.

If you think this is for you, and you are serious about being prepared for whatever the future holds, and do NOT want to be lied to, then MFA may be your best, and only, bet. All memberships are vetted. We do not like drama. There are different membership levels. All of our programs are safe. One may be just right for you and your loved ones.

Become a Part of the Movement

We invite you to join MFA. Become part of our movement to reclaim and reinforce American liberty & patriotism.
There are several different ways you can participate and many benefits to membership, including access to our MFA Private Members Forum.

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