WE SEEK To... Inspire the Masses
WE STRIVE TO... Inform the Public
WE HOPE TO... Ignite the World

March for America, or MFA for short, began with a single public march,
and in a little over one year, has burgeoned into eleven different entities under four corporate organizations, all aiming to fill their own unique niche in the MFA mission.

Our Mission:

The Mission of March for America is the inspiration of patriots via information to the public
regarding issues that challenge the sovereignty, security, and decency of the citizens of this great country. A non-partisan organization, we are dedicated to restoring and sustaining individual liberties of all, regardless of political party, truly putting… AMERICA – and AMERICANS – FIRST.

We invite you to join MFA. Become part of our movement to reclaim and reinforce American liberty & patriotism. There are several different ways you can participate and many benefits to membership, including access to our MFA Private Members Forum.

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